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Supreme Court of Denmark

Romanian citizen extradited for prosecution in Romania 

Case no. 40/2018
Order made on 2 May 2018

The Prosecution Service

The Danish Ministry of Justice’s decision on extradition for prosecution in Romania upheld

The Romanian authorities requested that T be extradited for prosecution in Romania. At the request of the Public Prosecutor, the Romanian authorities submitted an account of the conditions under which T would be held in custody after extradition to Romania, and the conditions under which he would be serving a possible prison sentence.

The Supreme Court found that the information provided by the Romanian authorities should be taken into consideration in the case, and that it indicated that T during his pre-trial detention and possible imprisonment in Romania would be guaranteed a personal space of at least 3 sq. m. in a multi-person cell. In addition, the Supreme Court held that the information on the pre-trial detention and imprisonment conditions did not show that there was a real risk that T would be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment in violation of the European Human Rights Convention. He was thus to be extradited to Romania.

The High Court had reached the same conclusion.

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