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Supreme Court of Denmark

Pig transports 

Case no. 27/2015

Order made on 29 June 2016

Danish Pig Producers
The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark

No reference for a preliminary ruling to the EU Court of Justice concerning pig transports

In this case, Danish Pig Producers had argued that certain Danish rules on pig transports are in contravention of rules of EU law. In that connection, Danish Pig Producers requested that questions be referred for a preliminary ruling to the EU Court of Justice.

The EU Court of Justice had already answered two questions in this case. Considering, among other things, these judgments, the Supreme Court's preliminary assessment was that there was no reasonable doubt as to the interpretation of the EU-relevant legislation that justified referring further questions to the EU Court of Justice before the Supreme Court could consider the claims made by Danish Pig Producers before the Supreme Court.

Consequently, the request for reference of questions to the EU Court of Justice was not granted. 

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