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Supreme Court of Denmark

Copies of judgments 

Judgments of the Supreme Court of Denmark after September 2009 can in most cases be found in full text (in Danish) on the Danish website of the Court. Many earlier judgments are printed in the Danish legal journal "Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen" and can also be found on the online portal "Jura" of Karnov Group (subscription only).  The journal and the online portal will be available at many public libraries in Denmark.

If you need an official copy of a Supreme Court judgment (in Danish), it can be ordered from the Registry of the Court for a price of DKK 175. The payment must be made in cash or by transfer to the Supreme Court's bank account:

Danske Bank

Reg.no. 0216 - Account no. 4069134947
Iban: DK1302164069134947

Please state the number of the judgment in question in connection with the payment.

The amount must be received by the Registry before the copy can be delivered.

Please note that potential costs in connection with the transfer must be paid by you.


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