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Supreme Court of Denmark

Oliver Talevski 

Supreme Court Justice

Born 1964, Justice of the Supreme Court from 2011.

High school graduate 1982
Master of Laws (Cand.jur.) University of Copenhagen 1986
LL.M. Cambridge University, England 1988
Admitted to the bar 1992 (license deposited)
Admitted to the High Court/Court of Appeal and
the Maritime and Commercial Court 1993

Judge of the Eastern High Court/Court of Appeal
Head of division at the Law Department of the Ministry of Justice
Head of section at the Ministry of Justice
Attorney at Kammeradvokaten (
the Legal Advisor to the Danish Government)
Assistant judge, District Court of Holstebro

Other positions and assignment

Writing and teaching assignments
Judge of  the European Nuclear Energy Tribunal 2006-14.
Member and secretary of various committees , including vice-chairman of the Commission regarding the openness of public administration 2003-05.
Part-time assistant judge, District Court of Køge 1995-96.
Assistant at the Public Prosecutor for Copenhagen 1994-95.
Part-time duties at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution and as assistant judge at
the Maritime and Commercial Court 1991-92.
Lecturer of jurisprudence (legal philosophy) at the University of Copenhagen 1989-1990.
Assistant police prosecutor, Gladsaxe Police 1988-89.
Assistant judge, District Court of Frederiksberg 1986-87.
Vice-chairman of the Danish Labour Court from 2014-2019, Chairman  November 2019-
Chairman of the Unfair Dismissals Tribunal and "Ledernævnet" November 2019-
Chairman of Special Courts concerning public employees November 2019-
Chairman of the Appeals Permission Board 2018-
Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Council March 2019-


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