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Supreme Court of Denmark

Lars Hjortnæs 

Supreme Court Justice

Born 16. september 1960 in Århus, Justice of the Supreme Court from 2010

High school graduate 1979
studies at the University of Idaho, USA 1979-80
Master of Laws (Cand. jur.), University of Copenhagen 1985

Head of section at the Ministry of Justice 1985-87
Assistant judge, District Court of Kjellerup 1987-88
Head of section at the Ministry of Justice 1988-94
Head of Division,  Property Law Office,  Ministry of Justice 1994-2000
Deputy Permanent Secretary, Law Department, Ministry of Justice 2000-10

Other positions and assignments

Previously a member of the Standing Committee of Criminal Law, the Commission regarding Juvenile Delinquency,  the editorial committee for ”Juristen” and the the Nordic Committee of Government Officials on legislative issues
External examiner at the University of Copenhagen 2002-
Chairman of  the Standing Committee on Procedural Law 2014-
Vice-chairman of the Danish Labour Court from 2014-
Member of the "Teachers' Committee" (committee looking into the working hour regulations for teachers) 2018- 

Author of: ”Lov om forbrugerbeskyttelse ved erhvervelse af fast ejendom m.v. med kommentarer” (ISBN 87-574-7660-8), DJØF,  1997

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