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Supreme Court of Denmark

Henrik Waaben 

Supreme Court Justice
Born 1952 in Copenhagen, Justice of the Supreme Court from 2006.

High school graduate 1971
Master of Laws (Cand. jur.) 1978
Admitted to the bar 1983 (license deposited)
Assistant attorney 1978-80
Head of section at the Ministry of Justice 1980-81
Assistant police prosecutor, Kolding 1981-83
Head of section at the Ministry of Justice 1983-87
Head of secretariat, Refugee Appeals Board 1987-88
Head of division at the Ministry of Justice 1988-93
Director of the Danish Data Protection Agency 1993-2002
Judge of the Eastern High Court/High Court of Appeal 2002-06
Chairman of the Board of Appeal Permission 2014-2015

Other positions and assignments

Chairman of the Data Council from 2007
Editor with regard to judgments in the Danish legal journal “Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen” from 2009
Chairman of the Mortgage Credit Complaint Board from 2012

Co-author of:        Færdselsloven med Kommentarer (1992) 
                                 Lov om Behandling af Personoplysninger med 
                                 Kommentarer (2001/2008/2015)                 

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