Hop til indhold
Supreme Court of Denmark

Jon Stokholm 


Personal details

Born on 23 April 1951 in Frederiksberg


1969                    Advanced level in classical languages,  Frederiksborg Statsskole

1975                    Master's degree in law (LL.M.), University of Copenhagen, January 1975

                              Trained as an attorney-at-law by Hans Soeby and Poul Schmith,   
                              Supreme Court Attorneys

1978                    Admission to practice law

1978                    Admitted to the High Court/Court of Appeal

1983                    Admitted to the Supreme Court       

1980-81             Associate, Haight, Gardner, Poor & Havens, law firm, New York, USA

1991                    Intensive course at the Stanford Business School, California, USA

2005                   Cour de Cassation, Paris

2007                   Conseil d`Etat, Paris


1975-80              Associate, the Attorney General to the Danish Government

1980-83              Associate, Niels Th. Kjølbye, et al. Partner from 1983

1985- 2003        Partner, Povlsen, Westergaard, Cadovius & Stokholm, law firm. In 1990 the name was changed to Lind & Cadovius                   

2003-                  Appointed to the Supreme Court


Professional positions

1986-88              A member of the Civil Litigation, Public Law and EU law of the Professional Committee of the Danish Bar and Law Society

1988-97              The chairman of the Tax Committee of the Danish Bar and Law Society

1991-97              A member of the Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society

1991-97              A member of the Executive Committee of DJOEF (the Association of Danish Lawyers and Economists)

1995-99              The president of CCBE's delegation of the Danish Bar and Law Society (the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union)

1997-2003         A member of CCBE's Finance Committee

1999-2003         The president of the Danish Bar and Law Society

1999-2003         A member of the Danish delegation for CCBE


Public positions

1991-2003         A court-assigned counsel to the Supreme Court

1991-                  An external examiner on jurisprudence at the University of Copenhagen

1999 -                  A member of the Board of the BG (Bikuben) Foundation

2002-                  A member of the Advisory Board, Center for Law, Economics and Financial Institutions at the Copenhagen Business School

2002-2006         A member of the Faculty of Law Council at the University of Copenhagen

2003-04           Chairman of the committee appointed by the Government to prepare a draft act on the Danish top-level domains.

2006-                  Member of the Board of Det Classenske Fideicommis (The Classen Foundation). Chairman 2012- 

2007                   Chairman of Forskningsudvalget (the Research Committee established by the Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Copenhagen)

2010-11              Chairman of the Appeals Permission Board

2010-                  Chairman of the Competition Appeals Tribunal

2010-                   Chairman of the external examiners of law of postgraduate eduation in Denmark

2010-16               Chairman of the Disciplinary Board of the Danish Bar

2018-                   Chairman of "Selskabet til Udgivelse af Danske    

2019-                    Deputy Chaiman of the ATP Board of Appeal


Extra-curricular activities

1978-91              A teacher of the Danish Bar and Law Society's and FSR's (the Institute of State Authorized Public Accountants in Denmark) courses in accounting policy, bankruptcy, acquisitions, etc.

1978-91              A teacher of the Danish Bar and Law Society's courses for trainee lawyers (bankruptcy and contracts)

1988-2003         A teacher of the Danish Bar and Law Society's and FAAF's (the association of lawyers and trainee lawyers) seminars in litigation at the Eastern Division of the Danish High Court

1995-                  A teacher of the Danish Bar and Law Society's and the Association of Experienced Supreme Court's seminars in litigation at the Supreme Court

1998-99             A senior lecturer of the extended accounting understanding

2005-                 Arranging for the Danish and Norwegian bar advanced classes on arbitration

2006                  Arranged for DANIDA  post graduate classes in Vietnam on International Arbitration

2006                  Co-editor of Tidsskrift for Erhvervsret (Danish Journal of Commercial Law)

                            A co-author of the book "Stempelloven" (the Stamp Act)                        

                            An author of several articles in "Advokaten" (The Lawyer), "Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen" (The Danish Weekly Law Reports), "Lov & Ret" (Rights & Justice), "Tidsskrift for Skatteret" (Journal for Tax Law) and "Tidsskrift for Selskabsret" (Journal for Company Law)


English, French


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