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Supreme Court of Denmark

Supreme Court Staff 

The administration is handled by the Supreme Court's Registry headed by the Chief Administrative Officer. Other employees working in the Supreme Court include office clerks, court officers, a librarian, law students and a kitchen assistant.

In addition, assistant judges work in the Supreme Court in rotation for
two  to three years at a time. They assist the justices in oral proceedings and prepare the cases to be heard in writing. Also, they take the minutes during the oral deliberations of the justices. 

Chief Administrative Officer and Press Contact
Lisa Rising
Curriculum Vitae

Secretary of the Appeals Committee
Casper Sølbeck

Deputy Judges

Mads Pedersen
Louise Mundt Dinesen
Bo Ruby Nilsson
Christian Nikolaj Søberg
Alexander M. P. Johannessen
René Bergfort
Iben Gjessing
Maria Casparij
Anne Ruberg-Wurms
Krestina Kilsholm Jørgensen
Christian Taksøe-Vester (on leave)
Katrine Hasle Søgaard (on leave)

Administrative office staff:

Secretary to the President
Tina Halberg

Appeals Committee Clerks
Anja Mark Nielsen
Kristine Hurtigkarl

Court Registry
Kirsten Lohmann
Lisbeth P. Østerby
Louise Møbius Heidtmann

IT employee
Jannie Dahl Andreasen

Reception and Court Officers
Pia Kastrup
Preben Rasmussen
Søren Ottesen Lundqvist

Marianne Lund Pedersen

Lea Christine Nøhr Dolmer
Lasse Bro Madsen
Mikkel Schøller
Dorthea Bisgaard Vase
Rasmus Laustrup
Adam Kidholm Rachidi
Nemanja Golubovic (IT-student)

Simon Anders Jørgensen

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