Hop til indhold
Supreme Court of Denmark

Possession of khat 

Case no. 239/2012
Judgment 21 November 2012
The Public Prosecutor

T imprisoned for 14 days and expelled with a six-year entry ban for possession of 25 kg of khat

In November 2011, T, who is 44 years old and a Norwegian citizen, was arrested in Copenhagen Airport in possession of 25 kg of khat.

The appeal case had been heard in the High Court in T's absence. The Supreme Court stated that T had been notified of the hearing in the High Court by standard mail to the address indicated by T when judgment was delivered in the District Court. T had, thus, been duly notified.

The High Court was not wrong in taking account in its grounds of the fact that T, at the time of his arrest, did not have other luggage than two bags only containing khat.

The Supreme Court also agreed that T should be imprisoned for 14 days for possession of 25 kg of khat, which he had imported with a view to resale.

Finally, the Supreme Court held that the conditions for expelling T from Denmark with a six-year entry ban had been fulfilled. The Supreme Court gave importance to T's limited ties with Denmark and the nature of his crime.

The Supreme Court thus affirmed the judgment of the High Court.

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