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Supreme Court of Denmark

No discrimination of teachers 

Case no. 19/2011
Judgment 14 November 2012
Union of Education Denmark acting for A-K
Kofoeds Skoles Oplysningsforbund (the school Kofoed Skole's educational association)Intervener: The Ministry of Culture (formerly the Ministry of Education)

No discrimination against teachers at Kofoeds Skoles Oplysningsforbund in contravention of the Act on Part-Time Work or the Act on Fixed-Term Employment

The Supreme Court agreed that the part-time teachers were not being discriminated against. Also, the Supreme Court agreed that the collective agreement for teachers at day colleges for adults cannot be used as standard of reference, and that the teachers in fixed-term employment had, thus, not been discriminated against.

The Supreme Court thus affirmed the judgment of High Court.  

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