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Friday, 19th January 2018

Hearings (09:00 am):

1st Chamber

No hearing.

2nd Chamber

Case no. 239/2017
Criminal appeal case

The Prosecution Service
represented by
Carsten Hove, court-assigned attorney

Justices: Lene Pagter Kristensen, Marianne Højgaard Pedersen, Mikael Rekling, Kurt Rasmussen and Anne Louise Bormann.

About aggravated, brutal and dangerous violence and about duress.

Judgment of 21/09-2017 by the Court of Appeal for Western Denmark in case no. 1505/17, 6th Div.

Delivery of judgments (12:00 pm):

1st Chamber

Case no. 80/2017
Civil appeal case

Van der Boom Holding B.V.
represented by Christina Steen, attorney
The Danish Business Authority
The Agency for Modernisation
The Ministry of Defence
all represented by Peter Hedegaard Madsen, attorney

Justices: Jon Stokholm, Vibeke Rønne, Jens Peter Christensen, Jens Kruse Mikkelsen and Lars Apostoli.

About a parent company’s liability for legal costs if its subsidiary is unable to pay.

Judgment of 14/03-2017 by the Court of Appeal for Eastern Denmark in case no. 444/16, 3rd Div.

2nd Chamber

No judgments.

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