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Monday, 21st October 2019

Hearings (09:00 am):

1st Chamber

Case no. BS-7838/2019-HJR
Civil appeal case

Jyske Bank A/S
represented by Tom Jensen, attorney
A in bankruptcy
represented by Bo Ascanius, attorney

Justices: Jon Stokholm, Poul Dahl Jensen, Jens Peter Christensen, Hanne
Schmidt and Anne Louise Bormann.

Whether EU aid falls to a mortgagee.

Judgment of 3/9 2018 by the Court of Appeal for Western Denmark in case no. BS-10219/2017-VLR, 6th Div.

2nd Chamber

Case no. 68/2019
Criminal appeal case

The Prosecution Service
represented by Berit Ernst, court-assigned attorney

Justices: Lene Pagter Kristensen, Marianne Højgaard Pedersen, Vibeke Rønne, Henrik Waaben and Jan Schans Christensen.

About sentencing in connection with aggravated violence and about expulsion.

Judgment of 15/02-2019 by the Court of Appeal for Eastern Denmark in case no. 3432/18, 21st Div.

Delivery of jud
gments (12:00 pm):

1st Chamber

No judgments.

2nd Chamber

No judgments.

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