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Monday, 19th August 2019

Hearings (09:00 am):

1st Chamber

Case no.  204/2018
Civil appeal case

The estate left by A
represented by Karsten Høj, attorney
The Danish Agency for Patient Complaints
represented by Sanne Christensen, attorney

Justices: Poul Dahl Jensen, Hanne Schmidt, Kurt Rasmussen, Jens Kruse Mikkelsen og Anne Louise Bormann.

About a delayed diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

Judgment of 21/06-2018 by the Court of Appeal for Eastern Denmark in case no. 1247/17, 17th Div.

2nd Chamber

No hearing.

Delivery of judgments (12:00 pm):

1st Chamber

Case no. BS-42617/2018-HJR
Civil appeal case

represented by Anders Jessen Schmidt, attorney
JT Works ApS
represented by Knud Borup Jensen, attorney

Justices: Thomas Rørdam, Jon Stokholm, Poul Dahl Jensen, Jens Peter Christensen, Hanne Schmidt, Oliver Talevski, Kurt Rasmussen, Jens Kruse
Mikkelsen and Anne Louise Bormann.

About the justification of an instant dismissal.

Judgment of 6/6 2018 by the Court of Appeal for Western Denmark in case no. BS-9846/2017-VLR, 6th Div.

2nd Chamber

No judgments.


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